100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do + 100 Things Restaurant Patrons Should Never Do

restwaiterHere is the absolutely best list of things restaurant staffers should never do. Print it out. Post it in your restaurant. Use it for training.

Here are the first six:

1. Do not let anyone enter the restaurant without a warm greeting.

2. Do not make a singleton feel bad. Do not say, “Are you waiting for someone?” Ask for a reservation. Ask if he or she would like to sit at the bar.

3. Never refuse to seat three guests because a fourth has not yet arrived.

4. If a table is not ready within a reasonable length of time, offer a free drink and/or amuse-bouche. The guests may be tired and hungry and thirsty, and they did everything right.

5. Tables should be level without anyone asking. Fix it before guests are seated.

6. Do not lead the witness with, “Bottled water or just tap?” Both are fine. Remain neutral.

To see the entire list go to:

100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do

Also interesting are the comments at the bottom of the list.

There are always two sides to every story. Here’s another list:

100 Things Restaurant Patrons Should Never Do

Here’s a sampling of the above list:

1. Snapping, waving, flailing your arms wildly is really not necessary. You look like a fool, and you’re only distracting (and annoying) your server while he or she attends to another table.

2. Do not ignore your server. When he or she approaches with a smile and a greeting, do not stare at your menu, all the while never looking up, and say “Yeah, I’ll have the salmon.”

3. Do not expect your server to be an octopus or the god Shiva. Three plates are generally the maximum that a server will carry at a time, and when you’re a table of five and three plates are brought by your laden-down server, do not go “And where are our meals?!” It’s called a second trip.

4. Interrupting gets you nowhere. Saying “excuse me” loudly while your server is attending to the table next to you is rude to the server and the other table, and generally makes you look like an ass.

5. When dining in a small, heavy-volume restaurant (especially one expected to be a quick serve), do not sit 45 minutes after you have finished all food and drinks and have paid the bill. There is most likely a long wait, and you’re ruining everyone’s day.

6. Do not ignore the host or hostess. Those people standing at the door and saying hello to you are, in fact, people. Pretending they don’t exist will only make your wait for a table longer.

Number 1 on my list…If you waiter or waitress is texting…fire them.

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