11 Ways to Increase your Restaurant Sales and/or Retail Sales by 20% or More

11 Ways to Increase your Restaurant Sales and/or Retail Sales by 20% or More.

1. Greet your customers.

Say hello. Smile. Exchange names. Do what will make your customer feel comfortable.

…and this is even more important for restaurants.

2. Don’t trail or harass your customers.

3. Don’t be phony. Your customers are too smart not to read your face and voice patterns. They know when you’re insincere.

4. Pay your employees a dollar more (for example) than the competition. You want the best employees, not the cheapest employees.

5. NEVER SAY NO. Train your employees to be positive.

Do you sell diet cupcakes? Let me show you our calorie charts.

Can you sell this to me at a discount? We have $50 gift cards that can be purchased for $40.

Just for fun, make a list of frequently asked questions and figure out some positive responses.

6. Collect the name, address and email of every customer that walks into your store and contact those customers via email (or mail via U.S. Postal Service).

7. Restaurant guests do not like waiting. If you have a line, find a way to organize the wait and entertain your guests to make the wait “feel” shorter.

8. Every retail store and especially restaurants need CLEAN bathrooms.

9. Get rid of stupid negative signs and replace them with signs that sell. Replace the negative with the positive.

Stupid signs like…Minimum purchase on credit cards $10.

No dinner sharing.

Bathrooms are for customers only.

We prosecute shoplifters.

Replace stupid signs with…20% off $100 gift cards.

20% off for senior citizens on Wednesdays.

We’re now on the Internet at JoesRestaurant.com.

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10. Fire your employees that are texting. Nothing irks me more than walking into a store where two or three employees are up front and texting. I get the feeling that I can enter the store, shoplift a few items, and walk out without being noticed by an employee.

11. As the owner or manager of a business, train each of your employees every day. Your employees must know that without customers, there is no business. The best employees are product or food experts. They believe in what they are selling.

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