Monthly Archives: May 2014

The True Cost of Cash

Believe it or not, there are still some restaurants, retail businesses, and other types of businesses who still insist on cash.

Yes. Most retail stores now accept credit cards. There are still a considerable number of restaurants, small retail stores, lawn services, plumbers, electricians and other businesses that refuse to accept credit cards. Continue Reading…

Are You Too Busy? How To Know Your Limits.

happyAs a retail store owner or manager, you can never have enough time. Actually, most people appear too busy. That’s life.

The Wall Street Journal recently published a very popular article related to the topic. Continue Reading…

Nice Marketing Tip for Restaurants (and Retail Stores)

tipThis marketing tip comes from Restaurant Startup & Growth.

Although specifically written for Restaurants, retail stores can adopt a similar type of marketing approach for any type of non-restaurant business. Continue Reading…