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Postcard Marketing

Postcard Marketing

There are two things you need to do with your retail store or restaurant.

#1…Get new customers into your business.

#2…Get your present customers to return to your business more often.

Good service, good products, cost effective pricing, and great sales people are all those “things” that help get your customer to return to your business.

You should be getting at least the name, street address, and email address of every single person walking into your retail store or restaurant.

Lots of retail stores and restaurants advertise in local newspapers and cooperative mailings.

In my opinion, it is far better and more cost effective to save that money and communicate more often with those who have actually entered your store or restaurants.

You will find that an email or postal mailing to your present customers who have actually made a purchase will be 5 times more effective than an email or postal mailing to those who have entered your store without making a purchase.

You will also find that an email or postcard mailing to those who have actually walked into your store but did not make a purchase, will be 5 times more likely to respond to your email or postcard than any email address or mailing address that you can rent from services that can supply you with “prospects.”

So…your most effective marketing tool is to contact those prospects that have at least entered your store.

Postcards are one way of staying in touch with your customers. Yes. It’s “old school.”

A Pew study indicates that 15% of those over 18 do not use email. The study also found that 34% of the adult population finds the Internet to be irrelevant. 32% of the adult population finds it difficult to access the Internet.

I’m not sure I understand the statistics. It would appear that the 15% of those who do not use email should be much higher. See the study at:

Who Are The 15 Percent Of Adults Who Don’t Use The Internet? (Marketing Land)

(While you are at Marketing Land, see other interesting “stuff” by clicking on the Retail tab on the top of the website.)

Any way you look at it, lots of your customers don’t care about email.

Additionally, you have a large part of the population that will notice your postcard before they notice your email or text (“different strokes for different folks”).

Why postcards?

1. Postcards Work for Any Business

2. Designing Postcards is Simple and Uncomplicated

3. Printing Postcards is Easy and Inexpensive

4. There’s a Special Lower Postage Rate for Postcards

5. Postcards Nearly Always Get Read

6. Postcards Produce Fast Results

7. Postcards are effective for Generating Website Traffic

8. Postcard Multiply Themselves

9. Markets Can Be Precisely Targeted With Postcards

11. Postcards Put You in Control of Your Sales Activity

12. Postcards Conceal Your Marketing from Competitors

Read the entire article at:

12 Reasons to Market with Postcards
I made the postcard above in about a minute on the Vista Print Web Site. You can get Vista Print postcards for as little as 9 cents each. You can add full color and print on both sides.

If you want to try a postcard mailing, search Google for postcard mailing or try one of these sites:


11 Psychological Tricks Restaurants Use To Make You Spend More Money

I don’t know that this sounds so good. “…Tricks Restaurants Use To Make You Spend More Money.” Perhaps the title should be “How to Increase Your Restaurant Sales and Profits.”

Let’s look at the list of “Tricks” that restaurants use:

1. They don’t use “$” signs on the menu.

2. They are tricky with their numbers. $9.99 is bad. $9.95 is good. Patrons understand that $9.99 is a trick to make your price sound better. Prices ending in a “5” are more friendly.

3. They use extremely descriptive language. A “juicy hamburger” is better than just a “hamburger.”

4. They connect to family. “Grandma’s Apple Pie” is better than just plain old “Apple Pie.”

5. They use ethnic food terms to make their food seem more authentic.

“Gino’s Authentic Pizza” sounds better than “George’s Authentic Pizza.”

6. They visually highlight things.

Place a photo or surround certain items that you wish to highlight within a square to get your customer’s attention. However, this may look tacky in high end restaurants.

7. They use expensive items to draw you to the cheaper items.

That’s what car dealerships and Sears does. Adding high end items that fewer people will order helps people order some of your over-priced more profitable items.

(OK. I admit to being overly cynical here, but read the title of the article.)

8. They offer foods in two portion sizes.

You have the 4 ounce burger for $3.99 (don’t use the “$” sign) or the 8 ounce burger for $4.99. Which one are you going to order?

9. They analyze your reading patterns.

10. They limit your choices.

11. They set the mood to spend.

Your patrons will spend 10% less if you have pop music in the background vs. classical music. I suppose this applies more to higher end restaurants. Not sure if it will work in a fast food establishment. Patrons feel more affluent when listening to classical music.

Read the entire article at:

11 Psychological Tricks Restaurants Use To Make You Spend More Money (Business Insider)