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You’re Probably A Tax Cheat

income taxYou’re Probably A Tax Cheat 

When you make a purchase online, most states have laws that require you to pay taxes on those taxable items.

“What’s going on here? You’re no doubt aware that Colorado requires retailers to collect a state sales tax on most purchases. For example, when you check out at the grocery store, your receipt shows sales tax added.

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Build Your Very Own Website or Mobile Website(And It Won’t Cost You A Penny)

get your free posBuild Your Very Own Website or Mobile Website(And It Won’t Cost You A Penny) 

Half of our customers have some sort of website.

The other half have either no website or an outdated website requiring substantial improvement.

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Do Diners Really Want Healthy Foods? 

Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, French Fries and a Coke or Healthy Salads?

If you want my business, you should scrap the salads and keep the hamburgers coming…and I don’t mean those hamburgers that come from grass fed cows.

Fortunately, most people eat healthier meals than I do…or do they? Do Americans really want healthy foods?

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Is it Time To Have a Healthier Menu?

healthy food pos systemIs it Time To Have a Healthier Menu? 


Not for me. I’m still eating Hamburgers, Hotdogs and French Fries. Add more salads to your menu and I’ll go elsewhere.


…but, the trend seems to be going to healthier menu options with fewer calories.


“Papa John’s is spending a whopping $100 million a year to remove artificial ingredients from its food, Bloomberg reports.”

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10 Reasons Restaurants Fail

10 Reasons Why Restaurants Fail10 Reasons Restaurants Fail

90% of all restaurants fail in their first year. Or is it 60%?

The answer depends on whose statistics you believe? In any event, it appears that more than half of all restaurants fail within 3 years.  

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