3 Signs You Have an Unreliable POS System

Salon_Elite_Black_with_all_periphIt’s important that your POS system keeps your restaurant or retail store running smoothly, rather than disrupting your operations and displeasing your employees. Your system should not make the checkout process a difficult one or the training process a long one.

Here are three signs that your POS system is unreliable, and that it’s time to consider investing in a new one:

1. The checkout process can take several minutes and/or customers have complained about slow service.

Thirty seconds may not seem like a long time, but it can feel like forever during the checkout process. The customer should not have to wait thirty seconds or more for their debit or credit card to process or for their receipt to print. A slow checkout leads to slow-moving lines, which reflect poorly on your restaurant or retail store’s customer service skills, not to mention employee-customer relationships. Customers and employees alike can become frustrated with a slow checkout process, especially in fast-paced environments.

2. You training process can be lengthy and/or employees often have to ask for help with system errors.

Your touch screen interfaces should be easy for your employees use in both the training and checkout processes. An organized, intuitive interface allows employees to do their job quickly and correctly, with minimal disruption to the flow of customers. Buttons should be easy to touch and select, without too much resistance or lag. For example, employees should not have to press hard on the interface to ring up an item and the screen should not lag for several seconds before registering a selection. Another clear sign is a screen that frequently freezes.

3. You often experience technical difficulties and/or payment processing errors.

When technical difficulties or errors occur, lines move much more slowly and customers can easily become frustrated or angry — especially when their debit or credit card is involved. Your customers should never have to worry whether or not their purchase went through or their credit card information is secure. For example, if credit cards are often declined, must be swiped several times to process correctly or card numbers must be manually entered, then your POS system is not reliable.

Is your business secure?

Target’s far-reaching data breach has raised new questions about payment security at the checkout line. As the third-largest company in the US, Target’s size makes it an attractive target for hackers. The investigation into the theft of 40 million credit card and debit card numbers during the holiday shopping season is still ongoing.

Large companies aren’t the only ones who should be worried, said a recent article in Digital Transactions Magazine. Small merchants are increasingly vulnerable because they are less likely to have the proper data protections in place.

In fact, according to Visa Inc. data, nearly 95 percent of all credit card breaches affect smaller merchants. Despite the evidence, 71 percent of small business owners don’t see themselves at risk, according to an annual survey commissioned by ControlScan and Merchant Warehouse.

Only five percent of survey respondents said they had been victims of a data breach, but the impact of the breach had, in some cases, nearly forced them out of business. The stakes are high, but most businesses do not pay enough attention, time or money to data security. More than 50 percent have spent less than $500 over the last year on the issue, with 17 percent spending nothing.

A point of sale system can help ensure compliance, protecting a business from breaches and the costly fines and damaging investigations that accompany them. Systems running on the Windows platform can achieve PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) certification.

However, iPad-based solution users beware: it’s impossible for tablet POS systems running on iOS or Android to achieve PA-DSS because the standards have yet to be developed by the PCI Council. This means the onus falls on the merchant to ensure his software is compliant and keeps customers’ payment card data secure.

Touchsuite POS Systems are PA-DSS certified. For more information about how you can ensure your business is protected, please call your sales representative at 1-877-418-0004.

Take the Guesswork out of Giving and Receiving Gifts

According to the National Retail Federation, gift cards remain a popular choice this holiday season. A Bankrate survey of 1,001 people revealed that two-thirds of those surveyed had given a gift card as a gift, while two-thirds reported receiving one.

One-third of people requested gift cards from stores and restaurants while just over half (53 percent) preferred “general purpose” cards.

Whether shoppers opt for general purpose or store-specific gift cards, these cards are simple to buy and redeem–for the giver and the receiver–at participating restaurants and stores. These cards are sold and redeemed through the point-of-sale system with no activation or transaction fees.

Wondering how much is left on the card? No problem—Cash Register Express™ and Restaurant Pro Express™ make balances and transaction information available in real time, either at the store it was originally purchased in or between multiple locations. Franchisees or chain locations that issue gift cards can elect to use a processor-based gift card system that will allow multiple stores to claim the redemption.

For more information about how you can issue and redeem gift cards for your store or restaurant, please call Touchsuite at 1-877-418-0004.



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