Are You Too Busy? How To Know Your Limits.

happyAs a retail store owner or manager, you can never have enough time. Actually, most people appear too busy. That’s life.

The Wall Street Journal recently published a very popular article related to the topic.

“Are You Too Busy? How to Know Your Limits (Driven to Achieve More at Home and Work, Some Find a Sweet Spot).”

“How do you spot when you’ve taken on enough and need to quit saying yes to more projects and social commitments? When you realize you’ve reached your limit, what should you do?”

According to the article, the first thing you need to do is recognize your limits (which differs for each individual).

If you are working an 80 hour week, you have probably gone past your limit. At some point, the extra time that you put in actually diminishes your returns.

It’s similar to sleeping. You may accomplish more during the day after 8 hours of sleep than you can possibly accomplish with 2 hours of sleep.

When you feel overloaded and overwhelmed, spending more time is not going to make it better.

How do you change?

You can start by reading the article in the Wall Street Journal at:

Are You Too Busy? How to Know Your Limits

As an owner or manager, you should have the One Minute Manager on your book shelf. Written in 1981, it is still a best seller. The 112 page book won’t take up too much of your time and is available for under $14 at Barnes and Noble or

To read more about the book (or purchase a copy) go to:

The One Minute Manager (Barnes & Noble)



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