Are Your Retail Employees Clerks or Sales People?

Are Your Retail Employees Clerks or Sales People? Are Your Retail Employees Clerks or Sales People? 

What is the difference between a clerk and a salesperson?

A clerk costs you money (payroll). A professional retail salesperson makes you money.

I often talk about that person who stands behind the counter in a convenience store. An ordinary low paid sales clerk may make $8 per hour or so. How much more money would a professional sales person making $20 per hour bring into a convenience store?

I am not one of those people who believe that retail and restaurant workers should be making more money. I do believe that you need to find a salary point that gives you the best “bang for the buck” or brings in the greatest return per payroll dollar spent.

I do believe that every business including retail stores and restaurants need to find the best possible employees and need to find the price point that will best suit your particular business.

An ordinary clerk (or waiter or waitress) costs you money. A professional will help your business and profits will grow.

A clerk wants to make money. A sales person wants to please customers in addition to making money.

A clerk is glad to see a customer go. A sales person is happy to see a customer return.

…but you know all this already. So why is it so easy to spot those businesses with poor employees vs. those businesses with exceptional employees?

Here’s the answer. Many businesses just hire to fill their positions. Many businesses have no training. Exceptional businesses have great employees.

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