Automate Age Verification for More Sales, Fewer Mistakes

Automate Age VerificationSelling age-restricted merchandise, such as tobacco, liquor, and gambling products, can be challenging for retailers and restaurants. It’s the worth effort, because alcohol sales can translate into big bucks. According to CNN Money, the most profitable restaurant in the US, Tao Las Vegas, made 75% of its income from alcohol in 2011.

For any business looking to sell alcohol or tobacco, Federal regulations stipulate that employees need to check IDs and verify the customer is of legal age before completing their purchase. Doing this job manually is not only time-consuming, but also has a large margin for error.

It’s easy to forget to check an ID or to eyeball a customer and assume they are of legal age. That’s just a couple of ways mistakes can happen. So it’s better to automate ID verification, which helps ensure compliance with the law every time a transaction is completed. Our POS Systems are integrated with Easy DLâ„¢, Honeywell’s age verification scanning software.

When an age-restricted product is scanned using an Easy DL-enabled Honeywell scanner, the software will prompt the cashier to scan the customer’s ID. The monitor will clearly display an ID ACCEPTED or ID REJECTED message, depending upon the customer’s date of birth. CRE and RPE prevent the sale of an age-restricted product to a purchaser with an ID REJECTED status, ensuring regulatory compliance. The automated processing saves employees a lot of time, increases productivity and indirectly boosts profitability.

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