Automatic Age Verification

Two of the hottest selling products at gas stations and convenience stores are age-restricted items. One-third of all beer purchased in the US-or 2 billion gallons a year-are sold at convenience stores. In addition, more than 315 billion cigarettes were sold in 2010.
That’s a lot of sales-and a lot of risk. The penalties for selling these items to underage teens are steep, so owners should protect themselves with Honeywell’s age verification solution.
Honeywell’s Easy DLâ„¢ application prompts cashiers to scan the shopper’s government issued-ID license with the system’s barcode scanner, validating their age before proceeding with the transaction.
Implementing Easy DL not only protects your business, it also helps reduce transaction times, eliminates the margin of error and ensures regulatory compliance. Lines will move faster using automated age verification–it takes the average cashier 45 seconds to manually enter license data, compared to the two seconds it takes to scan it. The average person also makes an average of one error for every 20 words typed, a risk factor that’s eliminated when you scan IDs instead.
Finally, customers don’t need to worry their personal information is being collected and stored. Easy DL complies with state, federal and industry regulations regarding personal information by parsing bar code data and preventing sensitive information from being transmitted to the host system.
For more information about how you can implement Honeywell’s age verification application in your business, please call 1-877-418-0004.

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