Big Pizza Chains Using Web Ordering to Increase Sales

Domino’s Pizza, Papa John’s Pizza, and Pizza Hut derive 40% of their sales from digital ordering.

Sales in smaller pizza restaurants have dropped by 20%.

One estimate is that these smaller pizza restaurants can increase sales by 30% through online ordering and delivery.

“Mom-and-pop pizza shops have long been under assault by the big chains, which have other advantages like marketing dollars and purchasing power for ingredients.”

Read the Wall Street Journal Article at:

 Big Pizza Chains Use Web Ordering To Slice Out Bigger Market Share

Touchsuite POS is a restaurant point of sale system that is designed for pizzerias and full pizza restaurants. In addition to full restaurant POS functionality, RPE features an industry leading Pizza Ordering Screen which streamlines the ordering process by minimizing the number of touches required to order a pizza with various toppings, sizes and crusts. Strong functionality extends to the delivery process, with integrated caller ID, delivery tracking and driver routing.

• Unlimited list of toppings

• Add toppings to halves, quarters or the whole pizza

• Change sizes and crusts with a single touch

• Streamline the ordering process by minimizing touches required to order a pizza

• Further modify pizzas with half toppings, double toppings and other instructions

• Create complicated pizza menus within a few minutes

• Specialty pizzas can be configured to default with pre-set toppings (ex: meat lovers)

• Clearly view which toppings are on which part of the pizza

• Pizza price shown as the pizza is being built


Flexible Pricing. A separate price can be assigned for each size and crust combination of your pizzas. To enter a price for one of your pizzas in a specific size and crust, simply touch the box in the grid and type in the price. Each pizza can also include a user-defined number of free toppings, for restaurants that give some free toppings, with purchases of certain pizzas.


Touchsuite allows you to create an unlimited number of toppings, sizes and crusts, each of which takes only a few seconds to configure in the system. Toppings each have their own pricing grid, enabling you to set up a different price for each topping for each size pizza.


Delivery Tracking with Caller ID. Not only does Touchsuite make it easy to enter orders into the system, it also helps you deliver them in a timely and organized fashion. The caller ID interface built into the point of sale displays who is calling and what they last ordered before you pick up the phone. Their name and address are automatically tied to the transaction, leaving no room for error. The delivery management system assigns orders to different drivers and displays when they are dispatched with their deliveries. The drivers check-in to settle their funds when they return.


A few other pizza shop POS features:

• Tableside Ordering

• Stored value and gift cards

• Integrated credit card processing in 2-3 seconds

• Detailed POS reporting

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