CRE (Cash Register Express) Secret Features

77294336Here are two features available within CRE that you may not have known about (two of thousands of features offered within CRE).

Gift Receipts. CRE can print out gift receipts which are receipts that do not contain the prices of items being purchased, allowing gift receivers to return items to a store should they be unhappy with their gift. Yes. Once they enter the store, they will figure out how much you paid for that gift. Yes. The original buyer also gets a copy with the purchase price on it.

Digital Receipts. Tired of those tiny receipts that you keep in your wallet or pocketbook? Digital receipts allow you to have a copy of a receipt sent to your email address. The benefit is that the buyer has a copy for the I.R.S. or a copy to confirm credit card purchases in his mailbox. The benefit for the retailer is having your email address for future marketing materials.

(Note…Always make sure that you have permission to send out emails to your customers and give customers a method to be removed from your email list.)

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