Do Diners Really Want Healthy Foods? 

Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, French Fries and a Coke or Healthy Salads?

If you want my business, you should scrap the salads and keep the hamburgers coming…and I don’t mean those hamburgers that come from grass fed cows.

Fortunately, most people eat healthier meals than I do…or do they? Do Americans really want healthy foods?

According to Technomic, 47% of Americans say that they want healthier restaurant food options. … But, only 27% actually order them.

“So Wendy’s and Burger King and McDonald’s can offer all the apple slices and plain baked potatoes and yogurt parfaits they want, but despite what customers say, these items aren’t selling.”

Salads make up no more than 3% of burger chain restaurant sales.

See the entire article at:

Do Americans Want Healthy Fast Food?

McDonald’s claims to be gaining ground. The world’s biggest hamburger chain said that 48 percent of Happy Meals orders chose soda as a beverage. That’s down from 56 percent last year. McDonald’s stopped listing soda on its Happy Meal menu (although it can still be ordered instead of water or juice).

Burger King and Wendy’s have taken similar steps. Coca-Cola is fine with the change since they are now pushing Dasani water or Minute Maid juices with Happy Meals (both owned by Coca-Cola).

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McDonald’s: Fewer Happy Meal Orders Opting for Soda

According to a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant Magazine), Diner’s Don’t Know What They Want.

55% of consumers say they eat healthier at home than at restaurants. “At the same time, 37 percent said they do not consider health when eating out because they consider it a treat.”

Read the entire article at:

Diners Don’t Know What They Want

You get the point. All restaurants need a balance between healthy foods and the foods that your customers want to eat. Of course, if your restaurant is profitable and you cater to healthy food eaters, you are on the right track already.

Are serving healthier foods profitable?

Here’s another QSR article that you may want to read:

Is Healthy Food Really Profitable?

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