F*r*e*e Restaurant Server Training Manual

Get a F*r*e*e Restaurant Server Training Manual by going to:


If you own or manage a restaurant, sign up.

You will also be getting a copy of the “Restaurant ‘Profit Tip’ of the Week in your mailbox. Also very valuable.

The 49 page manual can be customized to fit your restaurant. It includes:

Server Function and Responsibilities

The Guest

Quality Control

Ordering Procedures

Personal Appearance

Suggestive Selling

Specials & Features of the Day

Closing Out a Table

Check-Out Procedures



Alcohol Awareness

Above all, read page 9 (the importance of a guest!!!)

It’s f*r*e*e if you click on the above link.

Click on the picture of the magazine on the right side of the above link and get 6 f*r*e*e issues of Restaurant Startup & Growth magazine.


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