Good Service Depends on Your Customer

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It doesn’t matter how good your location is. It doesn’t matter what types of products or food you are selling. What matters most is your staff.

You open up a thriving business. You make a nice profit in year one. In year two and three you start to become lazy. Years four, five and six, you just keep doing what you used to do. Years seven and after, you are tired and wish you had a different occupation.

Keeping your business going with the same optimism that you had on day one depends on your employees. If you have great employees, years seven and after can be great.

If you own or manage a retail store or restaurant, you need enthusiastic, optimistic, motivated employees.

A good employee greets customers, remembers their names, and has the same enthusiasm you had on day one.

A great employee greets customers, remembers their names, and has the same enthusiasm you had on day one…but can also differentiate between your different types of guests (in a restaurant) and potential buyers (in a retail store).

Customers are not all the same. Some like a spunky sales person, wait staff, or greeter. Some will purchase more as a result of interfacing with a cheery and doting staff.

Other customers (and guests) like to be left alone. They want to interface with a knowledgeable person who answers questions when asked, but stays away until needed.

A great waiter or waitress will understand his or her guests.

“A group of intent looking business people will likely prefer efficient service with a minimal amount of small talk.

The table of vacationers may want to engage in some conversation about their trip or some suggestions of things to see and do.”

A couple entering a clothing store may want input from the sales staff. On the other hand, the couple may have a dominant half that makes the decisions. An exceptional sales person or clerk will understand the difference.

Good service depends on your customer. We are here to help customers. We are not here to push them or mold them. How you handle your customer depends on the type of customer you are working with.

Above all, customers are really smart. They can detect a “phony” sales person instantly.

So what do you do when a customer tries on an atrocious jacket that doesn’t even fit right? I think the truth is best. You may want to get rid of that jacket, but the customer can tell when you are lying.

How are the prime ribs today? Is it rare? Do you tell the truth? Or do you just answer what the guest wants to hear?

Great sales people tactfully tell the truth and help their customers make the best decisions.

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