can help you increase your profits. by redesigning and reengineering your menu. By redesigning and reengineering your menu, you can increase your gross profits by 2% to 20% and more. To start, you can download a f*r*e*e 18 page guide called How to Make Your Restaurant Menu Insanely Profitable.

Next, can help you redesign your menu. A more attractive menu can increase your sales by increasing your average check size and enhancing how customers perceive your business.

Menu reengineering helps you increase profits by changing your menu to emphasize your most profitable menu items and adding new food products to keep your patrons coming back.

The website offers lots of f*r*e*e ideas to help you grow your business. One of my favorites is, “People love stores—and your menu should tell little stories and offer interesting anecdotes throughout.” The people at will even give you a f*r*e*e 15 minutes consult. The website has lots of links to click on. Even if you don’t use their services, they share lots of things that you can use in your restaurant. It won’t cost you a penny to take a look at the site. Go to:

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