How Do We Keep Physical Stores Relevant in the Digital Age

retail storeHow Do We Keep Physical Stores Relevant in the Digital Age 

Winning Back the Storeless Generation 

What if … 50% of your sales were online? 

What happens to your bricks and mortar store?

Retail stores are losing their customers.

The new generation is buying from the Internet and their smart phones.

The new generation orders their food online.

The #1 clothing retailer, Macy’s, will soon lose their clothing domination to Amazon.

The information below is valuable to every store (single store, small chain or large chain).

Almost every store can find value in diversifying into online sales, delivery, and marketing using smart phones.

It’s easy to see how a clothing store can profit by offering more items and marketing via websites, emails, texting, smartphones, Facebook, and using other digital alternatives.

Even restaurants, convenience stores, liquor stores, and all other businesses can increase sales by catering to the Storeless Generation.

…and don’t get the idea that the Storeless Generation are young kids walking around with their smartphones. I’m 68 and I rarely buy items in a store. Most of my clothes, some of my food, and even my car all come from digital transactions.

No. I haven’t abandoned going into stores altogether. I just go into stores now less than half as much.

That surely doesn’t mean that all stores will go out of business. It does mean that you need to figure out how to keep your present customers and increase your foot traffic.

What’s the answer?

Inside your store, people make the difference. You need to have the best people working within your business. You need the people that will bring in your sales, retain and grow your customer base, show enthusiasm, and become experts in what they are selling.

Outside your store, you need to embrace the digital world.

You can read an extensive and insightful report entitled

Stores: What Now? How Do We Keep Physical Stores Relevant In The Digital Age by going to:

Chain Store Age Magazine

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