How Many Restaurants Deliver?

deliveryHow Many Restaurants Deliver?  

According to Quora, 14% of U.S. restaurants offer delivery.


How many restaurants in U.S, offer home delivery?

I believe that the estimate is low. More and more restaurants are offering delivery. Not offering delivery could be leaving extra income on the table that can help your business. I know of several restaurants who never offered delivery in the past that now make more than 50% of their income through deliveries.

Many of the bigger chains are offering and/or testing delivery services.

Even high end restaurants are beginning to offer delivery services.

If you are using RPE (Restaurant Pro Express), it is already embedded with restaurant delivery features.

It’s probably something you may want to start considering.

Below is a links to one (of many) 7-Eleven Stores that has started testing a delivery service:

7-11 Boulder Colorado

It’s offered here to help you do some delivery brain storming.

If you are not sure about testing a delivery service, read the article below from the Motley Fool:

Can Home Delivery Save the Fast Food Industry?

Here’s an article from Full-Service Restaurants Magazine that may convince higher end restaurants to deliver:

Offering Delivery Can Make or Break Your Restaurant’s Image

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