How To Make More Tips

tipsIt’s amazing how so many restaurant servers (as well as others who receive tips) know so little about how to make more money from tips.

As the owner or manager, you should be teaching your employees to earn better tips. Tips are a good thing for the wait staff. More money means happier employees. More important, happy guests who give out larger tips are also happy customers.

50% to 60% of a customer’s restaurant experience comes from the server.

In general, a server gets tips that are 12% to 20% of the bill. A well trained server gets that 20% or even more of the bill. You can rate your servers according to their tip percentages. A server that only gets 12% in tips should probably be fired or at least trained better, if possible. A server getting 20% in tips is a great server (or perhaps giving your patrons free food or drinks).

A server should be clean and professional. Saying, “Hello. My name is Kristen and I will be your server tonight” may be a little too friendly. (Actually, that’s what the article below says. I think sharing your name is a good thing.)

So a server should be friendly, but not too friendly. A server’s goal is to “serve” the guest and not to make friends with the guest. However, a good server is good at understanding how to read each guest. Some guest may like more friendliness while others may like more professionalism.

Consider your body language. Some servers look like they actually enjoy their jobs and want to please their customers. Other servers look like they are doing you a favor. “Boy are you lucky I am coming to your table.”

Diners expect that servers are knowledgeable of all the items on the menu. Better servers know all about the ingredients. They know that you have the best hamburgers in the area because it is 100% all beef or whatever. As the manager or owner of a restaurant, you need to help your wait staff understand the assets of your particular restaurant (which can include pizzerias, fine restaurants and fast food restaurants).

Anticipate your customers’ needs. Keep an eye on the table. Clear the table when customers have completed their dinner. Promptly offer dessert, the check, or a few minutes to talk or decide about dessert.

Never leave anything in front of an unhappy customer. If a diner is unhappy with a meal, apologize, remove it immediately, and offer alternatives.

When presenting the check, don’t leave and come back a half hour later. Lots of people want to pay immediately. Others will need a few minutes. Give customers a choice and don’t leave them hanging.

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