How Will the Internet Affect Your Business?

internetHow Will the Internet Affect Your Business?

About 60% of all small businesses have a presence on the Internet. … Or, about 40% of all small businesses have no presence on the Internet.

U.S. Internet sales will grow by 57% by 2018.

You should probably close up your retail store now!

Well, not exactly.

If retail sales grow by 57% by 2018, that means that  about 11% of all retail sales will be transacted over the Internet.

So if you have no presence on the Internet, you may be forever losing a significant portion of your sales to the Internet.

However…it is still not exactly as bad as it sounds. According to an article in Chain Store Age magazine (October, 2015), “More retailers going from clicks to bricks.”

Lots of online retailers like Blue Nile, a fine jewelry and diamond retailer, are opening freestanding locations.

We may be getting to a point of equilibrium. Consumers love the Internet, but also need a place where they can see and touch merchandise.

Retailers even have a name for this. It’s calledOmnichannel. Consumers demand Omnichannel experiences – shopping anywhere any time.

When you hear statistics that say retail sales have gone up by 3% and Internet sales have gone up by 11%, it’s not as bad as it sounds since only 10% of all sales are conducted over the Internet.

On the other hand, if you do take advantage of the Internet, you may be able to easily add 10% or more to your total sales.

If you are in the 40% of retailers that have no Internet site, you should add one. You need to have some presence on the Internet to continue to exist.

You can add a website for f*r*e*e at companies like:

It’s fairly easy to do and you can have one of your more computer literate employees construct the site.

Not only will you get a website, but you can have one that will work on smartphones at the same time, as well.

If you pay nothing, you will get a website For a small fee, you can get a website called (for example).

…and for an additional fee, you can start selling products directly from your website.

You can start your website by just creating a simple website that includes a picture of your business, address, phone number, a list of some of your products along with a few additional photos (which can be taken on your smartphone).

Read more about some of the Internet statistics at:

U.S. online retail sales will grow 57% by 2018; projected growth (Internet Retailers)

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