iPad Fans Rejoice

Advanced POS SystemsThose of you who read this blog every week know that I am not a huge iPad fan. Let me explain further. The iPad is a great instrument. Many people love it for good reason. It is light. It is fast. It is fun.

What an iPad is not is being a replacement for a Desktop or Laptop PC. It’s great for taking and displaying photos, watching videos, light writing and word processing, games, and lots of other functions. It can’t run many of the software programs you may be using. It can’t run Microsoft Office. It will reduce your typing speed by about 50%.

Personally, I prefer a desktop computer with a full sized screen. It’s easier for writing, spreadsheets and other activities. When I am not near my desktop (such as when I go away on an extended vacation or trip on my Harley), I use a light weight Laptop which runs every software program that I have on my desktop. It also acts as a redundant computer since all of my desktop software and data are synchronized with my laptop. 

What’s new is that Parallels Access is now available for the iPad.

Parallels Access is a program similar to LogMeIn.

You add it to your iPad and it allows you to access your home or business computer just as if you were in front of it.

You can be on a plane, a train, or in bed and actually use your iPad just as if you were in front of your desktop computer. You can run any software on your desktop including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Cash Register Express, Restaurant Pro Express, games, photo software or anything else on your desktop.

Parallels Access even allows you to listen to audio files and run videos from your desktop.

 Is this a great solution? It depends on what you are doing. You will be accessing your files from the iPad that is using a wireless connection. It’s fine for most applications, but may not be fine for extensive applications especially if your wireless connection is not so fast.

On the other hand, if you are an iPad fan and need to access a spreadsheet, document, latest sales statistics, contacts, emails, photos or anything else from your desktop at home or work, this is a great tool.

The Parallels Access App will cost you $80 per year.  You can use Parallels Access to access  yourPOS System sales data. It won’t run local cash drawers, printers and barcode readers from your iPad.

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