Is it Time To Have a Healthier Menu?

healthy food pos systemIs it Time To Have a Healthier Menu? 


Not for me. I’m still eating Hamburgers, Hotdogs and French Fries. Add more salads to your menu and I’ll go elsewhere.


…but, the trend seems to be going to healthier menu options with fewer calories.


“Papa John’s is spending a whopping $100 million a year to remove artificial ingredients from its food, Bloomberg reports.”


Critics of Papa John’s “new ingredients” say that it is impossible to determine if the “new ingredients” will make their pizzas healthier. But who cares? As long as  you use the words healthier menu, diet, or lower calories, people will come.


Since I am not a healthy eater, don’t listen to me. Read the Papa John’s article at:


Papa John’s is spending $100 million to actually offer ‘better ingredients’ (Business Insider)

…and Papa John’s does deserve positive recognition for removing 14 ingredients including artificial coloring from its offerings.

Here’s a list of 10 Healthful Restaurant Trends for 2015:


Fruits and vegetables


Smaller portions


Menu transparency


Whole grains


Buying local


Healthful kids’ menus






Gluten free


Salt reduction


Read the complete details to help you transform your establishment into a healthful eatery at:


10 healthful restaurant trends (Sysco Health) 

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