It’s Time to Stop Pushing Signatures for Credit Card Authentication

“The card brands should stop pushing signatures and start working with merchants to implement effective authentication.” (Digital Transactions Magazine, September 2014)

Everyone knows that signatures on credit card receipts have become virtually useless. Many retailers no longer collect signatures.

Signatures used to be used as validation of a credit card. How many people actually check the signature on the back of a credit card compared to the signature on a receipt?

The world is changing fast. The release of Apple Pay may propel us into a more secure method of handling credit cards.

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Endpoint: The Networks’ Signature Charade

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Why are signatures considered a valid authentication method?

Historically, we didn’t have anything better. However, credit card authorization has not caught up with the available technology.

Why are signatures considered a valid authentication method?

Can retailers ask for ID’s with your credit card?


…but you can’t refuse to accept the credit card should your customer refuse to provide additional ID.

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Can retailers ask for ID with your credit card?

(Note: Rules vary by state and card issuer.)

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