Looking for a New Career Opportunity?

Tired of Fighting over Scraps?

As a TouchSuite agent you will have the ability to represent a real solution for business owners’ problems instead of just trying to convince them to switch vendors over tight merchant service margins. Offer your small business customers an easy to sell and affordable solution that helps run and grow their businesses and provides you with strong residuals and lower attrition rates.

Close Bigger and Better Deals

“On average, HarborTouch customers grow their bottom line by more than 20% in their first year.”

How’s that for an opening line for your small business prospects? Thousands of customers already rely on our all-in-one easy to use, touchscreen POS solutions. As a turnkey bundle, including hardware, software & processing, HarborTouch provides agent programs that are designed to help you sell.

HarborTouch, one of America’s leading financial technology companies, focused on the small & medium Merchant Market.  We are excited that you are interested in working with us as a qualified re-seller of our suite of products, including our award winning Point of Sale (POS) Products tailored to specific industries, as well as our payment processing services.

Experienced and reputable Agents are always welcome at HarborTouch.  That’s because we make available to our Agents easy to sell and manage POS systems that help merchants grow and expand their businesses, as well the lowest costs for payment processing services, supplies and accessories.

We have developed our own software, currently used by thousands of customers throughout the United States and source our own hardware as well.  Our POS systems are specifically designed for each vertical we serve and include integrated payment processing services.  Our POS systems are simple and easy to use (and even easier to sell) and priced to be affordable for businesses of all size.   Our Agent programs are easy to understand and transparent.  We pride ourselves on being friendly to our merchants AND our Agents and provide in-house customer support, tech support and POS systems support, making it convenient for you and your merchants.  We have in-house underwriting and risk management, allowing for greater control in boarding accounts, and more flexibility in accepting merchants for processing.

If you possess a strong work ethic, are high energy, and have the ability to close new accounts on-the-spot, your earning potential is unlimited.

Even if you have no experience with POS sales, credit card processing or credit card processing equipment, you can still forge a successful and financially secure future. All it takes is the right attitude. Whether you’re currently a highly successful industry professional or just starting out in the world of merchant services, a rewarding future awaits you as one of our sales agents.

You will have, at your disposal:

  • Sales training and support
  • Access to the most advanced hardware, the broadest product line, and superior customer service so that merchants will not leave once they become a client (Protect your Residual)
  • Access to private labeled marketing materials and sales presentations.
  • Access to dedicated agent support group to help you in any way.

Join a group of successful associates who have achieved job satisfaction and financial security and earn more and more each year.

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