More Diners are Seeking Deals

So what else is new?

In order to keep up with the economy and with competition, more restaurants are offering deals.

People who eat out are expecting deals. They have gotten used to it. Take away the deal, and they will go elsewhere.

Many restaurants are trying to get away from “deals.” The result; a loss in customers.

Visits tied to discounted prices grew by 4 percent, while coupon-related visits rose 2 percent.

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More diners seeking deals

So here’s the problem. Offering a diner a 25% off coupon will get them in once. Will they ever return? Offering coupons and special deals train customers to expect it before they will come back.

Loyalty programs tend to be more advantageous than coupons and special deals.

My favorite idea for a loyalty program is to sell a $10 loyalty card to your customer. In return, you get his name and email address. Email your customer a $10 off coupon for his next visit when he returns with his loyalty card. Give all customers with a loyalty card a 10% discount.

Follow the logic here. Increase all of your prices by a fixed amount. That will give you the opportunity to offer your 10% discount to all loyalty card owners. Your loyal customers get a 10% discount all the time. Your walk in and one time customers don’t get the discount.

If you don’t like the above idea, come up with your own better idea!

If you need to purchase loyalty cards which look like credit cards with your restaurant name on, call your pcAmerica account manager listed to the left side of your newsletter.

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Try loyalty programs if deal fatigue sets in

A good loyalty program will increase your customer visits to your restaurant by 35%. Read about it at:

How Does Your Restaurant Bring Customers Back?


…and here’s a list of restaurant gimmicks you may not want to use:

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