Nice Marketing Tip for Restaurants (and Retail Stores)

tipThis marketing tip comes from Restaurant Startup & Growth.

Although specifically written for Restaurants, retail stores can adopt a similar type of marketing approach for any type of non-restaurant business.

Restaurants who have tested this marketing tactic use it to life their January sales (the slowest month for restaurants). The result:

A 30% to 40% redemption rate

A 15% to 30% increase in sales attributable to the promotion

So here we go…

In December (for example), give all of your restaurant patrons a sealed envelope. Please a secret prize within the envelope. For example, free dessert, entrée, discount coupon, appetizer, or other prize. Perhaps get some prize ideas from your employees.

The envelope much remain sealed. When the customer returns in January, they get to open the envelope and redeem their prize, coupon or special offer.

According to Restaurant Startup & Growth, this works and is likely to significantly increase your sales.

Change the marketing tip to meet the needs of your restaurant or retail sales.

Perhaps hand out the sealed envelope on Saturday for people who are going to return on Tuesday (or during your slowest time of the week or month).

Remember, your best customers are your customers. Instead of having a sale, offer these sales envelopes to your customers as an alternative.

To read the entire article go to:

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