POS Machine

What is a POS machine?

POS MachineA POS, or Point of Sale System, machine is simply a way for business owners to conduct financial transactions. Sometimes a POS machine is an interactive device that allows consumers to make financial transactions themselves. Examples of a self-service POS machine would include automated airline ticket terminals, self-service movie ticket kiosks, pay at the pump credit card readers, and even the self-check registers at a grocery store. As you can see, there are a multitude of uses for a POS machine.

Another use for a POS machine is within a small business establishment. Again, there are many types of POS equipment and each type of POS machine has a unique purpose. Tablets can be used to take orders at a table. This type of POS machine can send an order directly to the kitchen, creating convenience for the customer by increasing order accuracy.

One type of POS machine is a simple credit card reader. This can be a terminal with the capability to connect to a network server or even a magnetic credit card swipe reader installed into a smart phone jack. A POS machine is usually part of an entire system, and its components may include a pole display, where customers can see the amount they are being charged, touch screen monitors, secure cash drawers, and bar code scanners.

In fact, a POS machine is not just a “machine,” it is an integral part of an entire system that can reduce transaction time, enhance consumer privacy, and adding greater convenience. A POS machine also benefits the business owner by enabling him to track employees, inventory, and a number of complex financial reports that would otherwise take hours to compile.

How can you choose the right POS machine for your business?

First of all, consider the startup costs. When purchasing a POS machine, the initial cash outlay can be quite expensive, depending upon which company you purchase your POS system equipment from. Another cost factor to consider is whether or not the POS machine will be leased.

Some companies drag small business owners into a long-term lease contract with the premise of letting the business obtain a high-end POS machine. However, if something happens to your health or your business and you are forced to close, you may find yourself “stuck” in that contract.

That’s one reason why some companies offers their POS system equipment for no upfront fees. Instead of saddling a business owner with a lease, they offer a service contract. Not only are business owners given the flexibility to upgrade their POS machine if their business grows, they are also ensured high quality service. Select a company that has a vested interest not in simply selling POS systems, but, because they are also a processing provider, pick one that will want to ensure your POS machine works properly.

When choosing a POS machine, be sure to ask about comprehensive training. What good is a fancy piece of equipment if you don’t understand how it can benefit you or how to use the POS machine to its potential?

Another important factor to take into consideration when shopping for a POS machine is the capability of the system to upgrade, add more terminals as needed, add more products to your inventory, or even change your business model. Make sure the POS machine you pick is flexible enough to grow as your company grows.

Now that you know what a POS machine is, what it can do, and things to consider when selecting equipment for your POS system, the next, and final, question to ask is,

“Where can I get the right POS machine for me?”

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