Restaurant Hospitality. Many Playing Technology Catch-up

rhmarch2016coverAccording to The National Restaurant Association and quotes in Restaurant Hospitality magazine, “a whopping 73 percent of operators say they plan to upgrade one or more aspects of their technology within a year.”


Profitability is the number 1 reason that restaurants want to upgrade. Operators want to know whether they’re paying too much for an item that isn’t very profitable.

Operators as well as diners of all ages want more technology even in full-service restaurants. 

Imagine actually seeing an estimate of when your order will be served. Need more food, water or wine. Just press a couple of keys at your table. 

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It’s all in Restaurant Hospitality along with articles about all other aspects of the restaurant business. It’s all f*r*e*e (including the paper version of the magazine) at:

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