Restaurant Management 101

Restaurant Management 101Restaurant Management 101

I don’t understand.

Statistics show that as much as 80 percent of your revenue comes from repeat business.

I mainly eat in restaurants where I feel welcomed.

I frequently have a meal at one of a dozen local pizzerias. It’s a fairly busy establishment. When my wife and I enter, the owner and his family (who work at the restaurant at night) say hello, smile, ask how we are doing and treat us like royalty. Our bill usually comes out to less than $15. We see them greeting all their customers in a similar matter. It’s a pleasure to eat there.

From time to time, we also eat at a local bar. Our average tab is about $50. As we enter, the greeter is always doing something. We always feel like we are intruding. Somehow, we always get the worse table in the restaurant (next to the kitchen). They have plenty of empty tables. Why do they always have to offer that table next to the kitchen first? The restaurant is usually half empty. My wife and I eat there about 4 times a year. Although the service is fairly poor, the food is pretty good. Better service can easily get us to come back at least once per month.

People notice service. Nothing better for a restaurant than having repeat customers.

According to, increasing your profits is as easy as going back to basics. “What if your restaurant never had a problem with running out of product? Had minimal waste? Never had long ticket times? Restrooms were always clean? Recipes were followed to a tee? How much better would your business be if you could reduce problems or chaos?”

Here’s a link to a short Restaurant Management 101 tutorial which includes:

5 Ways To Make Your Restaurant More Profitable

How To Grow Your Business Without Going Broke

No Training Budget? Spend Nothing But Time

Keep It Simple

To see the complete tutorial go to:

Restaurant Management 101


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