Restaurants – ‘I don’t feel like cooking’

RestaurantsAccording to Progressive Grocer Magazine, 64% of those who participated in the “Tyson On-the-Go Food service Study 2014” responded to the question, “What triggers your decision to purchase prepared food for the dinner/evening meal?” with “I don’t feel like cooking.”

This is a trend that is affecting the entire Food Service Industry and extremely important to restaurant owners. If you own any type of Restaurant or Fast Food Business, it may be time to think about how to stay ahead of the curve.

1. There are many food delivery services popping up that will deliver food from any restaurant in their area.

2. More established chains (like Papa John’s) are making deliveries easier to obtain over the Internet.

3. Many smaller fast food establishments such as long term Cash Register Express user, The Dog House (Nanuet NY), are finding that food delivery has become a substantial and profitable part of their businesses.

Delivery now accounts for 40% of The Dog House business. According to their customers, The Dog House offers friendly, fast and accurate deliveries.

4. Higher end full service restaurants are now offering food deliveries. It’s becoming a trend.

Supermarkets and convenience stores such as 7-Eleven are going after those “lazy” consumers who just want to sit and eat.

I don’t feel like cooking is becoming a significant part of the restaurant industry because a significant number of the “don’t feel like cooking” crowd also don’t feel like venturing out of the house (especially in the rain, snow, or weather that is too hot or too cold).

So, this is a trend that you need to keep up with. Every restaurant can offer friendly, fast and accurate deliveries (or pickups). You can significantly increase your sales and profits. Now is the time. Pretty soon, Amazon, Target, Costco and everyone else are going to be offering deliveries.

Just for the fun of it, look at the link below. This service offers upscale restaurant food delivery in 15 cities around the United States (and growing). They pay their delivery people $25 per hour. They offer real-time GPS tracking. It’s an interesting concept:

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