Restaurants. More Hours Means More Revenues.

Restaurants. More Hours Means More Revenues.Restaurants. More Hours Means More Revenues.

Should you add more hours to your restaurant operation?

Should you be open 24 hours per day?

Should you offer breakfast?

Should you offer a 24 hour breakfast menu?

You’re the owner or manager so I am sure that you have thought about increasing your hours.

Increasing your hours does have some risks. Can your operation keep up with the new hours? Will you make enough additional revenue to make longer hours cost effective?

The Risk

Once you have decided to increase your hours, it is very difficult to go back.

You need to decide in advance, are you all in?

If you do decide to be open for additional hours (or even days) to your business, you need to be all in. 

Advertise it. Promote it. Give it plenty of time to work. You can’t place a small sign in your restaurant and expect customers to start coming.

If you increase your hours, it’s not so easy to go back. You will lose customers. If you decide to revert to your older hours, give your customers plenty of notice.

Before you increase your hours, you may want to try something to entice more guests to come in during hours that are not so busy. 

You can have early bird specials for people who arrive for dinner before 5 PM or after 9 PM. Offer special lunch menus. Start serving breakfast. 

I eat at a local chain restaurant that offers $1 cheeseburgers from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM when purchased with their $9.99 salad bar. It’s mainly a dinner type restaurant. That change got me in during the day. I had a healthy salad along with a not healthy cheeseburger at a reasonable price.

Breakfast is the in thing now at non-traditional breakfast hours. If you can get new breakfast customers and treat them well, you are likely to find new lunch and dinner customers.

…now above all else, think it through. Give your plan plenty of time to work. 

Read more from the National Restaurant Association at:

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