Service With A Smile

Service With A Smile

customer services“A Better Way for Servers to Earn More Tips and Your Restaurant More Sales.”

This article was inspired by an article appearing in the September 2015 issue of Restaurant Startup &Growth magazine.


The suggestion is to train your servers to develop relationships with their guests (as opposed to using aggressive upselling).

If a server has a party of four that spends about $60, the server will probably get a $9 tip (give or take).

If the server aggressively upgrades those guests to buy wine, desserts, or other extras, maybe the bill will come out to $80 along with a $12 tip.

The server’s reward for being aggressive comes out to about a $3 extra tip.

If the server concentrated on forming a relationship with their guests (instead of aggressively upselling), those guests will come back and request to have that same server the next time they come back to the restaurant.

That will yield another $9 tip (or a $6 bonus over the $3 tip due to aggressive upselling).

You get the point? Teach your server to give “service with a smile” so that your guests come back, leave larger tips, enjoy the service and become more loyal recurring customers.

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