The Top 10 Retailers by U.S. Store Count

…and #1 is

1. Dollar General Corp. (11,132)

2. Walgreens (8,116)
3. Family Dollar Stores (7,916)
4. 7-Eleven (7,800)
5. CVS (7,660)
6. Starbucks Coffee Company (7,049)
7. GameStop Corp. (6,675)
8. Radio Shack Corp. (5,519)
9. Dollar Tree (4,992)
10. Wal-Mart Stores (includes Sam’s Club) (4,835)

Both Radio Shack and GameStop have been pruning their stores.

Starbucks revenues have grown by 11% in the past three quarters.

I’ve only made purchases in 2 of the above stores during the past year. I’m not sure what that means other than there’s plenty of room for revenue growth in the other 14 million small businesses throughout the U.S.

If you have never been in a Dollar General Store or any other large dollar store, give it a try. It is quite an experience.

Below is a list of the Top 10 Retailer Companies by Revenues:

1. Wal-Mart Stores
2. Costco Wholesale Corp.
3. The Kroger Co.
4. The Home Depot
6. Target Corp.
7. Walgreens
8. CVS Caremark Corp.
9. Dell Inc.
10. Lowe’s Cos. Inc.

All of the above rankings come from Chain Store Age Magazine.

You can see the entire September 2014 issue including the CSA (Chain Store Age) Top 100 at:

Chain Store Age Magazine (CSA) September 2014

Dollar Store Traffic Is Thriving

Dollar store visits are up by 14%. At the same time, other retail traffic is down by 4%. What’s up?

The good news for the 14 million small business retailers is that most of the down turn comes from larger chain stores and department stores. These are businesses most affected by Internet sales.

Also remember, we are talking about store traffic as opposed to sales. The larger department stores and chains are selling less at the store and more on the Internet.

Dollar stores have an advantage to traditional stores. They are selling a whole bunch of inexpensive merchandise not usually sold on the Internet.

To read an interesting article about dollar stores go to:

Dollar Stores See Largest Increase in Shopping Visits Among Brick-and-Mortar Retailers, The NPD Group Reports

Dollar stores also have another advantage, cigarette sales. Dollar General has picked up cigarette sales ceded by stores such as CVS. Those cigarettes are helping Dollar General and other dollar stores acquire new customers.

Read the full story at:

Dollar General’s Secret Ingredient This Year? Cigarettes

There is much to learn about dollar stores in general. Why are these stores thriving in a tough retail environment? Go here to read another interesting article about Dollar Tree:

5 Things Dollar Tree Inc.’s Management Wants You to Know

..and one final article you may want to look at:

Slowing Customer Traffic Worries U.S. Retailers

So why all this talk about dollar stores?

I think there are some good lessons to be learned. The trend is that shoppers are abandoning large chains and mall stores in favor of smaller stores and those stores offering unique values to customers. Dollar stores (which now include some big and successful chains) have found ways to increase their traffic. More traffic brings in more buyers.

Here’s my challenge. Go into a dollar store and get some ideas for your convenience store, hardware store, or upscale clothing store.

The trick is to get more customers into your business. Once you get them in, figure out the best way to get your customers to make purchases appropriate to your business.

Find lots more interesting dollar store facts by searching Google for what can we learn from dollar stores.

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