What Can We Learn from Staples?

Advanced POS SystemsYou may own or manage a restaurant. You may own or manage a convenience store, clothing store, liquor store or any other type of store.

Sure Staples is probably larger than your organization, but you can still copy them.
Staples trails only Amazon.com in online sales.
Just like many retail stores, Local Staples stores are losing business to online resellers.
Staples is working hard to overcome the online competition.
They are opening up smaller retail stores.
They are adding and encouraging customers to use in-store kiosks to place orders for items that may not be in the store.
Staples offers f*r*e*e shipping for any item ordered online and picked up at a local store. Great incentive to get people back into the local store.
Staples is moving into new vertical markets like medical supplies. Staples already sells pencils, pens, paper and other supplies to doctors’ offices. Why not sell scrubs, tongue depressors, cleaning and break room supplies too?
No matter what type of retail business you own, you can add new items to your inventory.
Setting up an online store is fairly easy. Wehves online store solutions that can be added to POS System. Or, you can add an independent online solution to help you sell new products and accept online payments via credit card.
All you need to do is find the right products to sell.
As a restaurant, you may want to sell t-shirts or specialized food products. A convenience store or hardware store may decide to sell emergency flash lights and other emergency supplies. A clothing store may decide to specialize in a specific type of clothing item not found in your store (for example socks, shoes, undergarments).
There are thousands of items that you can sell without keeping any inventory. Lots of companies will drop ship items for you.
Or, you can look for a local online reseller and work together by giving them another outlet through your website in exchange for a commission on items sold.

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