Why Add a Tablet or Smart Phone to Your Point of Sale System?

Why Add a Tablet or Smart Phone to Your Point of Sale System? Why Add a Tablet or Smart Phone to Your Point of Sale System? 

If you are using Cash Register Express (CRE), Restaurant Pro Express (RPE) or Harbortouch you can add Tablets or Smart Phones to your system.

Why should you use add or use a Tablet Based Point of Sale system?

You probably know the usual reasons. In a restaurant, a tablet gives you the benefit of table side ordering. A waiter or waitress can take an order directly from a guest terminal and transmit it directly to the kitchen. The waitress saves steps to and from the kitchen and gets to spend more time with the patrons. Likewise, a sales person in a retail store can price and tally up a shopper’s purchase on the fly.

Many retail store owners and restaurateurs don’t want the added expense of having sales and wait staff people walking around with portable devices. However, a tablet does give you the advantage of having an extra wait station and a lower price than a complete desktop station.

According to TGI Friday’s, who tested the concept, both sales and tips went up in those restaurants using portable devices.

Just think about it. If your wait staff hands over a portable device to a patron, that patron is more likely to add a larger tip since the transaction becomes more personal.

It’s easy to leave a 10% or smaller tip on a table while you run out of a restaurant. It’s far more difficult for a patron to leave a tiny tip while the waiter is right next to you.

It’s also easier and faster for a retail sales person to scan in items and add additional items on the move with a Tablet than at a checkout counter.

Your cashier has one interest. That is ringing up the sale, getting a credit card, and getting to the next person on the checkout line.

A portable sales person using a portable device can easily offer additional items, quickly scan them, and complete a transaction without sending you to a line at the checkout counter.

It’s much more personal.

Read about TGI Fridays experience at:

TGI Fridays to roll out tablets nationwide

I just couldn’t help adding a little humor to this story.

In another attempt at innovation, TGI Fridays added a “mobile mistletoe drone” along with a drone operator.

The idea was for a couple to kiss as the drone with mistletoe hovered over their heads.

Unfortunately, one of the patrons was bloodied and wound up with a nose injury.

I’m always fearful to wrong past Brookstone who is selling drones at its mall stores. Very often, as you walk by the store, you will be harassed by one of those drones.

You can read the entire TGI store (and see a picture) at:

TGI Fridays drone delivers bloody ‘mistletoe mischief’

Back to the serious nature of the newsletter, it is time to start experimenting with portable tablets. You don’t need to switch your restaurant or retail store into a total tablet environment.

Tablets are more than just a fad. When used effectively, they can increase your sales (as well as restaurant tips).

Above all, you can use the tablet to track your sales, enter transactions, and change prices and inventory from anywhere in the world by using a tablet and remote software to access any computer within your business.

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