Why do we call our POS System “free”?

FreeHarborTouch provides your Point of Sale (POS) system for free.  That includes the hardware, the software, the customization, the installation, and the training.  But we do require that a merchant participates in our Service Agreement to receive the free POS system. Many peopleask why something that is “free” has a monthly “cost.”  Consider the following realities about POS systems.

The expense of a POS system comes in two distinct categories.  First, there is the purchase cost.  Respectable and capable POS systems range from $5000-$7000 per terminal.  That expense does not always include installation and training and back office functionality and equipment.  It rarely includes any technical support or service arrangement.   Most systems come with a standard one year warranty on equipment and software upgrades for a year.  After the first year those expenses will represent additional costs of the system.  That brings us to the second kind of POS expense.

The cost of POS ownership is distinct from the cost of purchase.  This cost includes things like repair or replacement of equipment, software upgrades, a la carte technical support which can cost as much as $75 per hour over the phone and $160 per hour on site. Some companies offer service packages for technical support and repairs and I have seen those fees range from $60 – $175 per month per terminal.  This usually does not cover the equipment itself, just the service. Software upgrades over a five year period can easily run into thousands of dollars with most POS products.  All of these expenses often appear in very large amounts at unexpected and inconvenient financial times.  As a result many POS systems degrade rather quickly because of the lack of funds or time to deal with issues that arise.  You will incur these expenses on top of the $5000-$7000you spend to purchase a POS system.

The HarborTouch POS program addresses these two categories of expense very simply.  We eliminate the purchase price entirely.  We provide your entire system, customized for you, installed and with unlimited training at no cost to you.  We simply ask you to pay the shipping cost to get it to you.  Our Service Agreement then covers all the usual expenses of ownership in a predictable and manageable monthly expense.The Service agreement provides:

  1. A 100% warranty all the equipment for the entire length of the agreement.
  2. Technical Support 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  3. Software support and upgrades to insure your system is always current and function at peak performance levels (this portion is paid quarterly).
  4. Paper supplies for all of your POS printers.
  5. We maintain a secure back up of your entire system everyday to protect your data.
  6. A secure remote back office application that gives you real time access to all your reports, employee information like payroll, menu changes and more, from anywhere you have internet access, like home or your favorite coffee shop.

Your entire POS investment is focused where it should be, on the productivity and profitability of your business.  The service agreement provides value far beyond the expense and is reasonable and predictable.  Quite simply, we have developed the best POS deal available for your business.  At the end of the Service Agreement you own the entire system and can decide if you want to renew the agreement or not.

Don’t sink your capital into a POS system. Let us provide your system for free and assist you in making it work for your business and protect your operation.  Our POS system will pay for itself many times over every single month and allow you to focus on managing employees, quality and your customers’ dining experience.

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