Why TouchSuite?



Look for software with a user-friendly graphical interface. Your POS system should be easy to set up, simple to use and easy to navigate. The point of sale system should have an intuitive interface to process sales quickly and run your day-to-day operations. Therefore, training staff should be simple and not overwhelming. Managing inventory and setting up the system to fit your needs should be straightforward. Keep in mind that POS systems are intended to increase effectiveness; you don’t want complicated systems that will decrease employee satisfaction and waste time.

Customer Care

From time to time you may need to reach out to seek expert advance regarding your POS system. Therefore, customer support is an important part to help you choose the right system. Regardless of the question or concern that may arise, immediate answers should be a requirement. If you just want more help understanding a specific feature or function, you shouldn’t have to go through it alone. Any questions about your point of sale system should be answered in a timely manner without additional charges for support or troubleshooting.

Remain Innovative

Staying technologically advanced may be costly unless you verify that the POS system you choose today won’t become obsolete tomorrow. Free updates to a system will allow your point of sale system and your business to remain innovative. Mobile payments, remote access and cloud-based software are a few options your system may offer. POS systems that expect to be relevant in the years ahead must be built on a flexible platform that supports these mobile integrations.

Cloud-based POS systems eliminate the need for costly upgrades and any security concerns associated with traditional client-server systems. Frequent software updates are necessary so your system always has the latest features and security requirements. These updates should be free for the lifetime of your account..

Affordable Pricing

For years, POS systems required a high initial investment with many solutions costing well over $10,000. The cost of a POS system has historically been out of reach for owners, preventing smaller businesses from replacing their cash registers.In addition, upgrades, service calls and warranty upsells would make the possibility unattainable

Subscription models however have made getting a POS system affordable. Your POS system should have simple monthly pricing with easy-to-read, side-by-side comparisons of the packages. Remember, a reputable company conveys transparent pricing.

Robust Reporting

Perhaps the most valuable way POS systems help you gain better control of your business is through their reporting features. While most point of sale systems generate sales data, its capabilities and clarity of the reporting platform are not all created equally.

Your POS system should be able to generate robust reports that not only identify your best selling items and returns, but record margins and measure the effectiveness of your pricing. And it should be easy to analyze! By running reports based on this information, you can make better decisions about ordering and merchandising.

Data Availability

Traditional POS systems that are required to be managed from only an in-store terminal aren’t useful; particularly when you’re at home, traveling, or simply anywhere outside of your store. Having sales and inventory data accessible where and when you want it is a real game changer. Remote access is a solution that allows owners to access the system from anywhere. The introduction of cloud-based POS systems will also give you access to run your business from any web browser. Mobile apps also enhance the functionality of your business and mobilization allowing you to increase efficiency.


Data security and safety are amongst the most important factors to think about in the choice of your POS system. When considering your options, investigate the security of your data in every system; particularly around transactions. With recent increasing high-profile hacking incidents, this issue is more relevant than ever. Keep in mind that point of sale systems running on PC-based computers are vulnerable to viruses and malware, therefore verify the equipment is commercial grade product. To stay safe, your POS system should also be fully PCI-compliant and backed by PA-DSS validation.

Quality Hardware

Hardware’s functionality, durability, and style should accompany your POS system. As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is waste time struggling with a jammed printer, flimsy stand or equipment that doesn’t handle your day-to-day’s wears and tears.

Quality hardware will pay for itself in short order and save you time and patience in the long run. Plus, as one of the most visible elements in your business, the display should match the decor of your shop and provide supreme elegance.

Because every business is unique, you may not find an off-the-shelf system that meets your requirements. Therefore, look for industry-specific point of sale systems precisely for your business.

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